About Shunpike: Established by artists in 2001, Shunpike envisions a community where independent artists and arts groups thrive, creatively and economically, and where their work is widely valued as fundamental to the cultural, social and economic wellbeing of Washington State. To achieve this vision, we provide artists with the services, resources and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success. Based on our key organizational values of inclusivity, relevance and accessibility, Shunpike strives to serve a diversity of independent artists and arts groups across Washington State, embracing artists working in all art-forms, as well as those identifying as emerging and/or established. 

Our Commitment to Racial Equity:  According to an article in The Seattle Times (Census: Washington getting less white, older; Asians growing fastest in state, June 12, 2013), people of color represent over 30 percent of Washington residents and this proportion is growing rapidly across all major racial and ethnic groups. Despite this, the percentage of independent artists and arts groups of color served by Shunpike does not reflect Washington's current demographic reality, and we are committed to doing what we can, within our sphere of influence, to achieve greater racial equity.

The Storefronts Program:  In 2010, an innovative consortium of city and neighborhood organizations inaugurated the Storefronts program in Seattle’s Pioneer Square and International District neighborhoods by activating empty storefronts with vibrant local art and creative projects. At the time, the initiative sought to address high retail vacancy rates that were symptomatic of the economic downturn. Though Seattle's economic climate is now stronger, Shunpike continues to support our creative community and urban neighborhoods by providing opportunities for artists to showcase dynamic, engaging works that reach out to passersby, humanize our built environment, and support urban revitalization.


After a successful pilot run of this program, this is a second annual call to artists for an Artist-in-Residence at Amazon in Seattle, WA. Selected artists will work at the Amazon, Seattle-area, corporate campus in an on-site art studio in the bustling South Lake Union neighborhood. 

There is a total of 4 residencies available in ten week increments, with the first residency starting as early as February 1, 2019. 

Program Requirements:

  • Artists are required to work in the on-site art studio for a minimum of 16 hours per week during business hours for the duration of the ten week residency. Artists will be available for questions by employees about their process while they work.
  • Artists will provide one Artist Lecture and host one Workshop during the residency.
  • Artists will create one Artwork, at the artist’s selection, which will be included in the corporate campus art collection upon completion of the residency. Artists will reserve rights to be acknowledged as the author of the Artwork.
  • Artists will provide their own art supplies.
  • Artists are encouraged to create additional work and install for public display within the art studio for the duration of the residency.
  • Amazon & Shunpike reserves the right to photograph the artist at work and all works created and installed in the art studio for promotional purposes.

Artists selected for the 2019 residency program will receive $10,000 in project support., inclusive of artist expenses and one mutually agreed upon artwork.

Eligibility:  Greater Pacific Northwest residents over 18 years of age, creating original works. Artists may NOT be enrolled in a program of study within an academic institution during the time of the residency.  

There is a $15 application fee. 

Deadline:  September 25th, 2018.

Compelling– artistically strong in concept and execution, compelling to a diverse audience, and actively seeking to engage employees.
Relevant– responsive to, and engaging with, diverse audiences, themes, and ideas. Process and engagement are central considerations for all proposals, so please make sure to demonstrate how your project engages a diverse audience.

All applications to this program are reviewed by an independent panel based on relevance, viability, community engagement, and creative merit.
The panel is made up of art curators, professional artists, and arts administrators, as well as representatives from the client's art programs.
Materials required for submission include:

  • Artist Bio, 400 words or less
  • Artist Statement, 400 words or less
  • 4-6 representative work samples with related work list
  • Project Proposal, including:
    • Brief conceptual statement, 500 words or less
    • Proposed content for Workshop and Artist Lecture
    • Any relevant experience as a teaching artist
    • Total word count for this section: 800 words

    The selection committee may interview final candidates during the period of 9/27/18 - 10/9/18.

    It is highly recommended that the proposal be concise, written in direct language, and specifically detail what will be experienced for the client's employees and whoever will participate in Workshop and Artist Lecture. Highly conceptual art jargon and overlong descriptions are best avoided.
    It is highly recommended to compose your application in a Word document, check the word count, and copy/paste your responses into the application form.
    Shunpike is not able to offer technical support for the online application system.


    How is the workshop structured? There is no requirement on how the workshops are structures by we are generally looking for some thing that accomodates up to 15 people and lasts up to 4 hours.

    How large is the studio, and what tools are available?
    There is about 450 square feet of usable space in the Studio. There are work tables and stools as well. There are no power tools except drills.

    How tall is the studio?
    The ceilings are 10 feet below the pipes and ducts, it is an industrial space.

    What lighting is available in the studio?
    There is a bank of windows across the hall from the studio facing East. The general lighting is industrial, but there are clamp lights that can be set up with balanced lighting.

    What is the floor surface/covering?
    The floors are polished concrete.

    Is the residency only available to individual artists?

    Collaboration is great, but the stipend is split between the participants.

    What about a dance/performance or audio/video residency?
    The current space is not well suited for most dance/performance/installation.

    How ventilated is the studio? Is it appropriate for encaustic painting?
    There is very little ventilation. No fume hoods, and only a couple windows that can be opened. Some limited encaustic painting has been done in the studio, fumes must be kept to a minimum.

    Are the studio and the corporate facilities wheelchair and otherwise ADA accessible?

    Is parking and a loading area available?

    Contact: info@shunpike.org