The Seattle Office of Economic Development is partnering with Seattle Good Business Network and Shunpike to match 45 vacant Seattle storefronts with pop-up shops and art installations. These projects will benefit neighborhoods, small businesses, artists and property owners by creating vibrant and engaging streetscapes that encourage the public to visit downtown Seattle, support local businesses and support local artists - particularly Black, Indigenous, and other entrepreneurs and artists of color. This program is funded by the Seattle Office of Economic Development


Activations have already begun, with projects running for at least three. Launch dates are flexible and may be ongoing.


There is no cost to participate. Seattle Restored will provide property owners a fixed one-time $2,000 to help support space costs per activation plus $500 to offset utilities. This support to the property owner is a will not be adjusted based on size or duration of activation.

Seattle Restored will obtain liability insurance for each activated property, for the duration of the activation.


  • · Introduce your space to prospective long-term tenants
  • Contribute to efforts that revitalize commercial and community spaces by providing economic opportunities for small businesses and artists
  • Create goodwill in your community
  • Have your space professionally photographed for future use
  • Be included in a citywide multi-media campaign that includes digital, print, radio, transit ads and a dedicated profile page on SeattleRestored.org. Media partners are the Seattle Met, The Stranger, Intentionalist, Seattle Magazine, South Seattle Emerald and more!


  • Allow use of the property with access to electricity for a minimum of two months
  • Review and complete a Seattle Restored contract
  • Collaborate on approval process for modifications to the space
  • Be available to coordinate space renovations and have a point of contact for project coordination and tenant support
  • Allow space to be documented through photography and video
  • Participate in a post-program survey and reporting

Seattle Restored is powered by Shunpike, Seattle Good Business Network, and the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development

Shunpike empowers artists through equitable access to vital expertise, opportunities, and business services.

Seattle Good Business Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to connect and inspire people to buy, produce, and invest locally, so that everyone has a meaningful stake in the local economy.

The Office of Economic Development (OED) is committed to building an inclusive economy in the City of Seattle. OED works at all levels of our local economy to support small and micro-businesses, partner with Seattle neighborhood business districts, support creative business sectors and workers, partner with key industries that drive innovation, job growth and global competitiveness, and invest in our local workforce with an emphasis on young people, low-income, as well as un- and under-employed adults.

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